About Hsin Hotel

Brand story

A bright yellow dad bear guarding the roof of the "Hsin Hotel" has become a new landmark in Chiayi.
It also guards the pure natural field of Chiayi. With the theme of urban forests, natural elements such as Formosan black bears,
sika deer, Alishan giant tree, sea of clouds, and flying birds, etc., are integrated to create an in-depth cultural journey for travelers.
The hotel has 174 fashionable rooms with different styles to meet the needs of various different accommodations.
There is also a parent-child game room in the hotel.
The colorful collage and formicary are used as design concepts to stimulate unlimited creativity and vitality between parents and children.
In addition, we provide a friendly service of "Nose-Rubbing Pet Hotel" for pets, so that travelers can feel at ease and enjoy the fun of traveling with fur kids.
Hsin Hotel combines sites of elegant environment such as humanistic rooms, stylish catering, trendy banquets,
and professional meetings to provide customers with the highest service of honor and satisfaction.