Travel Locally

  • Hinoki Village

    Hinoki Village is the first forest-themed cultural and creative park in Taiwan. It was renovated from the former dormitory of the Forestry Bureau. It covers an area of about 3.4 hectares. The park contains 28 historical buildings. The Japanese-style dormitory building is converted into characteristic shops and exhibition spaces, which are divided into cultural and creative markets, local courtesy, living and creative arts, special time zones, good drinks and food, art exhibitions and other themes. The park also provides guided services and handwork DIY course experience, providing tourists with a deeper understanding of the past and present stories of Hinoki Village. Traveling through Japanese cypress buildings, visiting different shops or theme exhibitions, whether adults or children can be relaxed and comfortable in strolling through it.

    Distance kuanhotel 2.4Kilometer Driving time 8minute
  • Chiayi History Museum

    Chiayi City History Museum is located in Chiayi Park, the main building is the Fasting Hall and Shrine Affairs Office in the historical site of Chiayi City "Old Chiayi Shrine Affiliated Building". It is divided into 8 exhibition areas, showing different themes. In addition to displaying static cultural relics, the external yard is sometimes used as an event venue. Now there is also a "Showa J 18" Japanese-style cafe in the museum, where you can experience the highlights of Japanese culture, as well as delicious food, and can take the opportunity to travel to Chiayi Tower and Arboretum.

    Distance kuanhotel 4.2 Kilometer Driving time 12 minute
  • I-Wood Village Tourist Factory

    In the 1960s, i-Wood Village was a cypress wood factory in Chiayi. It once participated in the prosperity of Taiwan’s economic take-off. It has also gone through the stormy and recession era. In the 50 years, no matter whether it is sunny, cloudy, prosperity or adversity, it is still doing the same thing daily.
    Because we love this land, the natural temperature of each piece of wood in our hands, and the mission work given by nature, we are happy and willing to invest all our feelings and time, work hard on this road, and create a life with wood and temperature for everyone.

    Distance kuanhotel 2.3 Kilometer Driving time 7 minute